The Team

Richard Millsap

Richard Millsap, Miller's Dairy

My name is Richard Millsap, otherwise known as Dick. Jalon Farms is a progressive operation and well known in our local community and beyond. John is always focused on ways to advance and improve the operation and, as a result, we are provided with excellent working conditions. I enjoy everything that I do on the farm, especially working with the cows and the calves. A large portion of my day is also spent with equipment, doing field work, and feeding animals. When I get up in the morning and head to work, I know that I’m doing what I was meant to do… an I love it! When I’m not at work I’m thinking about the farm; it’s definitely a big part of who I am. I’ve been working here for 20 years, and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Jeff Oakes

Jeff Oakes, Miller's Dairy

Hi everyone, my name is Jeff Oakes! I have been a member of the Jalon Farms team since September 7th, 2001. All through high school I used to look forward to work, after school and on the weekends. There was always a large variety of work to do and that is still the case today. I am responsible for milking the cows every morning, caring for the wellbeing of our animals, and also a large amount of field work. I could go on and on with my list of jobs and responsibilities but I only have one paragraph. Working at Jalon Farms has not only been a job for me it has felt like a home away from home. I enjoy John’s jokes every morning and my visits with Marie. I am happy to declare, I am one of those few people who can honestly say, I Love coming to work every day.

Shawn Corbeil

Shawn Corbeil, Miller's Dairy

Welcome to Miller’s Dairy web site. I am Shawn Corbeil and I have been working on the farm most of my life. I am now happily married to Ashton and I am a proud father to Lauren, life is good! The best thing about working here is the diversity of work and my awesome co-workers, John included. I am learning every skill and every trade from heavy equipment to electrician to plumber. My main job is working at Miller’s Dairy and occasionally milking “the girls” or doing tractor work. I have an awesome boss who is also an amazing step-dad and friend. John is a great role model and he is funny to boot. I’m proud to be a part of the team at Jalon Farms, home of Miller’s Dairy 2012. Jersey milk tastes great so please enjoy!

Dwight Bryan

Dwight Bryan, Miller's Dairy

I was raised on a dairy farm in Eastern Ontario and have remained connected to my agricultural roots. I spent twenty five years working in the feed industry and then, thirteen years with Canwest DHI. I have known John and Marie Miller for many years and know they are successful business people. Bottling fresh Jersey milk, at Miller’s Dairy, is going to be an exciting business and I feel confident in joining their team as plant manager.

Wayne Folkheard

Wayne Folkheard, Miller's Dairy

Introducing Wayne Folkheard. As a young boy I wanted to be either a farmer or a truck driver. This quest started at Besse’s Dairy in Stayner in 1963. There I would wash bottles, bottle milk, and help make butter and ice cream. When needed I would deliver milk to small stores and restaurants in Wasaga Beach at a time when you could drive on the beach from one end to the other. I started picking up milk cans when Besse’s opened a powder milk plant on Stayner’s main street, next to their dairy. This milk came from Simcoe and Grey counties. Cans were eventually phased out and I started picking up milk in a bulk tanker, single axle Ford Mercury truck. Although I tried other jobs, being around farms and trucks drew me back to a career driving milk tankers. I would also milk cows for a local dairy farmer in Stayner. Before retiring in 2011, I was privileged to see dairy farms being passed on through three generations. During 34 years of driving for Trebell Transport, I have delivered milk to most dairy plants in the G.T.A. and points west to Tara, Teeswater, and North Bay. My life has now come full circle and in 2014 I am proud to be a member of the Miller’s Dairy TEAM, bottling milk and helping to maintain the plant. Here I have new friends who are young enough to be my grandchildren. Life is good! Not Quite The End.

Rob Leblond

Rob Leblond, Miller's Dairy

Hello world, my name is Rob and I am the customer support specialist on the Miller’s Dairy TEAM. Born in North Bay I now reside in Singhampton where I am a volunteer with the Clearview Fire department. I love bottling our FRESH Jersey milk knowing that the milk is coming fresh from ‘the girls’ and going right into your glass bottle, AWESOME! This is a GREAT feeling! I am, by trade, an industrial millwright so I am able to trouble shoot bottling equipment, when necessary and I am proud to support Miller’s Dairy. My favorite part of the job is coming to the farm every day. I meet many wonderful people, customers, all over our distribution area. Here at Miller’s Dairy we have a great TEAM and a great family to work for. Enjoy the chocolate milk!!!

Kevin Lageer

Kevin Lageer, Miller's Dairy

Miller’s Dairy fresh Jersey milk is very popular now and as I drive the delivery truck I often get a friendly wave because people recognize the truck. My name is Kevin Lageer and I enjoy working for John and Marie. Along with driving the delivery truck I work in the bottling plant as the whole TEAM carefully bottles your milk. I feel a sense of pride interacting with our customers and building strong relationships with our patrons. I love being part of a high-tech farm where quality and safety are paramount. I am honoured to deal with this natural, high quality product that is of the highest nutritional value… and I think “the girls” like me!

Alwyn Thomas

Alwyn Thomas, Miller's Dairy

I am pleased to be able to add, to the Miller’s Dairy Team, my bookkeeping skills. I am Alwyn Thomas, Marie’s Mom, and I am enjoying working at the Dairy. The work is challenging and it makes my brain work hard and that’s a good thing. Miller’s Dairy not only has fresh bottled Jersey milk but it also has a wonderful environment to work in. I have a great group to work with and they always take time to say hello or answer my questions. It is so wonderful to see how well the stores are doing. As a parent you always worry and I am happy to see everything going so well. Bill would have been thrilled!

Sandy Pople

Sandy Pople, Miller's Dairy

Hi, my name is Sandy Pople and I’m the person that you talk to when you call Miller’s Dairy! I’ve known John and Marie for many years and I joined the TEAM in the summer, 2016. My family and I have been enjoying Miller’s Dairy fresh Jersey milk since 2012, love ‘the girls.’ Our family lives on a farm near Vasey where we raise our extended family including two cats, two dogs, chickens, goats and horses, love it! My job entails many office duties but my favorite part is speaking with our customers. I truly enjoy coming to work every day! I embrace my peaceful drive in the farm lane as I enjoy the view… ‘the girls’, the cats, and Oliver’s grin. Everyone who works at Miller’s Dairy has made me feel welcome and I enjoy, so much, being part of this great TEAM 🙂

Jessie Dumais

Jessie Dumais, Miller's Dairy

Hey everyone! My name is Jessie Dumais and I am a dedicated young father of two amazing children, Adrielle and Emit. I am brand new to the farming community and I fell in love with farming from day one. It just clicked for me! The people that I work with and the people that I meet are just so welcoming. Even though I haven’t been working at the Jalon Farms for long I have learned so much and I hope to expand my understanding even farther so I can pass that knowledge down to my son and daughter as they grow. Finally, I would like to state that I am proud to call myself the newest member of the Miller’s Dairy/Jalon Farms family.

Melissa Irwin

Melissa Irwin, Miller's Dairy

Hi folks. My name is Melissa Irwin and I joined the Jalon Farms TEAM in Sept 2017. I work part time as a Relief Milker. I also work as a Massage Therapist at Iwa Spa in the Blue Mountain Village and Pillitteri Winery in Niagara on the Lake. Even though I work seven days a week getting to see the girl’s faces when I get to the barn make it all worth while. I was born in the area and lived on a dariy farm til I was five years old. When I moved back from Alberta I worked at Walkhavern Farms for five years milking the cows and helping out in the fields. I also worked for Henry Farms in Innifil to put myself through School so I guess you can say that farming is in my blood. Working for Jalon Farms has been an awesome experience because I get to work with amzing poeple, work for a great boss and most of all work with “the Girls!” Thank you and enjoy your high quality Jersey milk from Miller’s Dairy.

Mike Pople

Mike Pople, Miller's Dairy

Hi! My name is Mike and I am the newest member of the Miller’s Dairy TEAM!  I am happily retired from the automotive manufacturing industry.  John and Marie offered me an opportunity to learn something a little different… bottling milk and making ice cream! I enjoy driving to work with my wife Sandy and working with everyone at Miller’s Dairy!  Hope to meet you soon!

Bryan Morgan

Hi folks my name is Bryan Morgan and I am thrilled to be back working in farming. Agriculture has been a part of my life for a long time. I stepped away for a short time but quickly realized I belonged on the farm because this is where I am happiest. Here at Jalon Farms everyone that I work with and work for is great and I appreciate this respectful environment! The girls are quiet, good natured and pretty stubborn. Working in the fields I take in the rolling hills as the views are stunning here. The variety of work that I do at Jalon Farms makes life interesting!  I enjoy coming to work and I look forward to a long career here at Jalon Farms and Miller’s Dairy.

Miller's Dairy Team

Our staff, 2004, during the new barn construction. Richard, Jeff and Shawn (the 3 on left) have been with us for more than twenty years, while Marc (bleached blonde hair), our eldest son, is working as an Actuarial Analyst in San Francisco, California. Our staff enjoy working here as evidenced by their many years of service, hard work and dedication.