Jersey Cow Facts

The Jersey cow originated from the Channel Island of Jersey, located in the English Channel between France and England.

The US Jersey reports, “Jerseys are uniquely right for these times.” Dr. Jude Capper, Washington State University, reported that Jersey cows leave a 20% smaller carbon footprint than any other dairy breed.

Mr. Sandy Wilkie, marketing director for Bridgwater-based Robert Wiseman Dairies, concludes, “Jersey milk has a higher content of protein, fats, and calcium” stressing the “important role which Jersey milk can play in helping an ageing population enjoy a fit and healthy retirement.” According to the American Jersey Cattle Association, reported by the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, milk from Jersey cattle offers the greatest nutritional value providing 15-20% more quality protein and 15-18% more calcium. Jersey milk has naturally high levels of A2 Beta Casein protein for easy digestion.

jersey cow facts

We believe that happy cows give more milk, so we provide the best environment possible for our cows. The Girls sleep on rubber-filled mattresses topped with a layer of chopped straw or shavings. They are very content and relaxed, wandering about and eating when they want. Fresh food is always available. The alley scrapers are on a timer so the barn is always very clean. After the cows are milked, they sometimes choose to hang around the parlour for some fun. They kick up their heels a little, and sometimes they play with their tongue. Jerseys flip their tongue and twist it about like a dancing tongue, a behavior that is unique to the Jersey breed! At any time the girls could choose to be groomed by automatic brushes and this is certainly entertaining!